My weight has been doing its own thing for the past few months. I need to get back up to 130…

okay so my goal weight was 125… I passed it. sometimes I’m at 128 other times 130. I don’t know what to do now…I didn’t think it was even possible for me to reach 125. At least not anytime soon.


last week I was one pound away from my goal weight (125) When I weighed myself today I was 1 pound over…. I am ecstatic right now. I’ll be posting my new measurements updates soon.


That awkward moment when your fb status is taken to seriously.
Of course this would offend some one who is overweight. And naturally my  semi religious cousin who is not exactly skinny would call me out on it. Sad part is that these are not even my words its just a random quote I found funny.
A reminder of why its better to avoid the status updates on fb. smh

I posted this on my personal about a year ago. Reading it today the quote seems a bit cruel. That being said I don’t regret posting it. The grammatically challenged person that got offended is my cousin (Ivet). Now, ever since this incident, she always has some comment or remark when she sees me.
At a party this past Christmas eve, she told me a story that began like this: “years ago when I was younger, bony and skinny like you, because I’m voluptuous and curvy now, I was sitting on that balcony and crossing my legs like you are right now. I fell over and cracked my head on the concrete.”
Really Bitch?! Why do you feel the need to randomly and pointlessly emphasize the fact that you “love” your current obese body? I bet you couldn’t cross your legs today if your fucking like depended on it… Whoosaah
Now, yesterday I went shopping with my aunt and her (regretfully) and by the end of the night we were talking about how it was getting late and we were hungry. My aunt tells me “you’re hungry again?! You just ate before you came to the mall”. Which I responded with: I have only eaten twice today I usually would have eaten like 4-6 times by this time.” Then Ivet chimes in “Well that’s clearly not enough, because you’re still too skinny.” As we get out of the car and head to Walgreens I reply “well I’ve gained a lot of weight I started at 107 and I’m at 122 now.” “That’s still not enough…you’re too much…you need some meat on your bones” the cow replies. I respond: “Well it’s really hard for me to gain weight.” By this time my aunt has rushed into Walgreens because she wants no part of this discussion.
We’re in the car again and my aunt is talking about how she is going to eat a bowl of cereal when she gets home because “you’re not suppose to eat late at night” (which is a myth). Me: “it’s not that you’re not suppose to eat late , it’s what you eat, If you opt for something healthier…” Ivet explodes: your always talking about healthy food blah blah blah…” My aunt intervenes before my head gets chewed off and says “I talk about eating healthy too”& Ivet stops her ranting. I couldn’t even get my point across…
This stupid bickering is never gonna end with her. I mean it doesn’t affect me as much now as it would years ago. It just really annoys me.I know I’m skinny and underweight. I’m working hard to change that. Not because people may think “I need more meat on my bones.” I do it for myself. I am proud of my progress and body.
Now why she feels the need to go on and on about how she is contempt with her body and “loves” her curves, and finds me repulsively skinny whenever we’re around each other is beyond me. Deep down I think it’s the complete opposite, she is unhappy & wishes she could get to a healthier. Even If she does love her body,that shit isn’t healthy.
I don’t get on people who are genuinely proud of their curves and don’t cave in to the pressure of being skinny. It is not easy living under the oppressive view that society has on women today. So I respect women who can wipe their asses with people’s opinions about their weight. But Ivet my dear, you’re going about it in the wrong fucking way.
Cardio in the shower
Put an amazing playlist on from songza and couldent help but dance my ass off while washing off.
I’ve gained 9 pounds since September 2011…Slooowww progress. Drinking protein shakes would probably speed up the process…
AND I went up an inch in the bootay! This bitch is estatic!
I’ll make this looked better organized later.
2reblog Working out your legs…You’re doing it wrong

a guy aproached me while I was doing lounges and said I was doing it wrong, he told me not to tap my foot on the floor between steps, but instead just keep it going. that by resting my foot for that half a second I wasent getting the total effect of the lounge.

I took his advice and my legs were on fire. I ended up ditching the barbell and proceeded to do lounges with just my body weight. Apparently I’ve been doing my squats wrong too. He assisted me on this machine thingy, and with no weights on it I thought I was going to collapse. He made me squat down super low.

Halfway through my sets I could feel I was reaching my breaking point, because I started to get this sharp pain in my ears. I did only did squats & lounges today, but I feel like if I used all the damn machines with a shit load of weight.

I’m glad he came along and corrected me, even if in the beginning i thought he was being presumptuous know it all. I usually don’t really ask anyone for help, thats obviously got to change.

0reblog getting back on track

I’ve abandoned the gym for a few months now. therefore, abandoned this blog along with all my other blogs for the past two weeks. I feel like shit, an I know exactly what I have to do. I’m heading my ass back to the gym today and after, when I get some time, I’m going to go through this entire blog and fix the tags so I will be able to find things easier in the future.


Like I’ve mentioned before, I have a hard time sticking with a gym routine. I’ve lost motivation. But now I think it’s safe to say that I have found my motivation!

So I was working at the CGEX today and one of the trainers from the gym I use to go to saw me. I’ve always thought he was good looking, but seeing him in normal clothes (not gym type ones) put him in a new perspective. The guy is frikken gorge! Anyways, he came up and said “hey! I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Me: yeah I know I stopped going” months ago.”

…blah blah blah we talked some more. Long story short he convinced me to go back to the gym on monday. I told him that I needed some one constantly on top of me making sure I didn’t ge “laggy” in between sets; some one to push me further. He said to stop by Monday at 1:00, that he would “be on top of me.”

he flirts with me… and I dunno if that’s a good thing or bad. He’s cute but married :/ and a bit older

So I guess this means I’ll be posting workout entries and more progress pics!!

1reblog So today I completed p90x ab ripper x video


0reblog feeling like a fat slob because I couldn’t finish the whole P90x Ab ripper workout

In my defense I had been doing ab reps for about 5 mins before I decided I should start watching the video.

0reblog body fat percentage

after getting my body fat measured I felt “fat”. 12% body fat is the percentage a woman should have (or some shit like that) I did groceries today so I went crazy and got low fat or whole wheat everything. I even bought fruits and vegetables. I walked passed the fruit roll ups and didn’t feel tempted. I know I’m going to have to sacrifice a few things and put in some more cardio if I want to lower my body fat percentage. 

17% body fat :( I’ll be happy if I can get it down to 14%